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Hey there, my names Dave and I work as a creative director from Manchester, NH.  The bulk of my recent work is doing branding, some web design and fun community based projects with  Orbit Group.


At the moment Im not really taking any freelance work.


I have worked on a bunch of fun brands like  PayPal, Dunken Donuts, New North Ventures, Sweet Baby Rays, Minim, The Factory on Willow, Bookery Manchester, Orbit Group, Easter Seals, Long Blue Cat Brewing Co., NH State Lottery, The RockOn Foundation, VisitNH, Hynes Home Interiors,  and more.


Growing up, attending college and now working in my hometown of Manchester, NH it feels like I just cant escape sometimes. But I actually have grown to love that I can contribute creatively towards the community I have spent over 30 years growing in.  I live with my amazing wife Catherine  who has supported my creatively since I was a wee lad at the age of 21, my two awesome cats and my puppy golden retriever Ruby.

Strange fact: I earned a second degree black belt by the age of 12 in Tae Kwon Do (skills no longer apply however 😂

Pet Peeve: When artists talk like aliens in an attempt to describe their work. "The ethereal nature of the juxtaposition resembles influences of......" 😂


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